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A little about us..

Our names are Eric and Marcy Grange. We are located in a small town called Grantsville Utah. We have lived here our whole lives. Eric is a firefighter and EMT in town. Marcy is a stay at home mom of 6 kids (9 counting Isabella, Repunzel & Tiberius). We have had many different kinds of dogs between the two of us. From small lap dogs to hunting dogs and even pit bulls. But none of them can compare to this breed. With 6 kids we needed an all around dog. Gentle, calm, tolerant and obedient, but also strong, active and healthy. After quite a long time researching and asking questions we found this breed is a much healther and all round better bulldog. Their temperament and family dog status is second to none.

 We are dedicated to the huge undertaking of being a responsible breeder. We have set our goals with this breed in line with IOEBA and strive to provide the best Bully Dog that resembles those standards.

Everyone has their own thoughts to how they think the bully should look.. We hope you can find what you are looking for here. We just love our bulldogges. But always remember, "It's in the eye of the bull-holder" 

Our dogs are all house dogs and have been socialized by all of our kids that range in age from 5 - 17. They are different with each one of them, as if they know their temperament and personality also. It has been amazing to see them become cherished members of our family.

 A common statement made about  bulldogs  is: "thier just like potato chips". Can't have just one...

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"It's all in the eye of the bull-holder"



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